Belt Rank System

The different belt colors symbolize the various stages of physical and spiritual development in martial art. The following is a list of belts and their color interpretations.

10th Gup – White Belt – A student who has no knowledge of the art but has begun the journey. White, being a non-color, expresses a VOID, no action.

10th Gup – White with gold stripes – The student has taken his first steps. These are awarded after completion of his orientation period.

9th Gup – Gold Belt – Development has slowly begun. Gold represents CAUTION, careful slow movement.

8th Gup – Purple Belt – The Student receives his first dark color, representing his DESIRE TO LEARN.

7th Gup – Purple with Green Stripes – The student is developing CONCENTRATION.

6th Gup – Green Belt – The student has begun to ascend to a higher plane of concentration; FOCUS and COORDINATION of technique.

5th Gup – green with brown stripes – The student has begun to amass SKILL, he is developing CONFIDENCE.

4th Gup – Brown belt – The student has begun to coordinate his SKILL with CONFIDENCE.

3rd Gup – brown with red stripes – The student now is developing SPEED. His techniques have flowing motion.

2nd Gup – red belt – The student is combining SPEED with STRENGTH resulting in power. He has begun to work on accuracy.

1st Gup – red with blue stripes – The student now has successfully combined POWER with ACCURACY. The blue color signifies maturity. Self-confidence as well as self-discipline has developed the student to overcome himself.

Black Belt Candidate – blue belt – All has come together in HARMONY. The student has obtained SELF-CONFIDENCE and MATURITY.

Stripes are 1/2 inch laid vertically within 2″ of each end of the belt.
DAN – BLACK BELT – the student has graduated to a degree in the martial arts. There are 10 Degrees of black belt. The different degrees are differentiated by the action colors of the Gup classification.

1st Dan – black belt with gold band.

2nd Dan – black belt with purple band.

3rd Dan – black belt with green band.

4th Dan – black belt with Brown band.

5th Dan – black belt with red band.

6th Dan – black belt with blue band.

7th Dan – black belt with gold and purple bands.

8th Dan – black belt with purple and green bands.

9th Dan – black belt with green and brown bands.

10th Dan – black belt with brown and red bands.
1st Dan through 6th Dan black belts are 1 1/2 inches wide.
7th Dan through 10th Dan black belts are 2 inches wide.
All bands are 1 1/2 inches wide.