Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do is a traditional Korean art of self-defense. Tae Kwon Do means “Foot, Fist, Way” Tae refers to the foot, Kwon to the fist, and Do to the art or way. Although originating in Korea, Tae Kwon Do’s evolution was also influenced by its neighboring countries Japan and China. It’s an art form dating over 2,000 years ago and recognized as one of the oldest forms of Martial Art. Teaching more than fighting skills, it is also a discipline of the mind, body and spirit. Tae Kwon Do teachings create valuable life skills that becomes a students way of life.

How old do you have to be?

We teach men, women and children ages 5 yrs – adult.

How often can I train?

Currently our school allows our student to train up to 6 days a week. This does not limit your training to a specific day and time each week.

I have more than one family member who wants to enroll, is the price the same?

We have discounted family plans for members in the same household.

Once a month we have a formal testing for students recommended for rank promotion. There are promotional fees involved in addition to your monthly tuition costs. Our family plans also apply here. With our “referral program” it can help offset the costs. A student who refers a friend or family member not living in the same household that enrolls, the referring student will receives a $45.00 credit toward their promotional fees.